Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upstart scripts for Hyperic HQ

We've rolled out Hyperic HQ to our environment via Puppet, but it doesn't come with any nice Upstart scripts. I've looked at what the startup scripts are doing and most of it is covered by Upstart, so creating Upstart scripts for it was fairly straight forward.

A few notes. We create a Hyperic user and install Hyperic in its home directory (/home/hyperic/). By default, Hyperic HQ installs itself to a subdirectory with the version number (eg. /home/hyperic/hyperic-hq-agent-5.0.0), so we symlink that directory to /home/hyperic/hyperic-hq-agent (or /home/hyperic/hyperic-hq-server for the server).

Since blogger fails at being able to display code, I've uploaded the code to a bzr branch on Launchpad.